Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Blackboard logoThe Virtual Learning Environment or VLE is a content platform for curating your module materials, managing electronic grading processes and interactivity, and it provides the supported, common interface required by the University’s Blended Learning Strategy.

Main University VLE support site, maintained by the VLE Team

Primary support for the VLE is handled by the Universities VLE Team, there support pages have areas for both staff and students and cover a comprehensive A-Z of guides for using the VLE (Main staff site:


VLE Introduction: Staff orientation Guide


As a follow-on to the basic guide have a look at this 10 Ways to improve your module guide

Other useful guides (UoL)

Blackboard’s own guides


The University of York have developed this great ‘Getting Started’ set of video guides.

Note: Although The University of York uses the same make of VLE as the University of Leeds (Blackboard) their branding and processes differ e.g Accessing the VLE.

Short link to the YouTube playlist page:


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Click on the playlist icon to show all the videos that are in the playlist.


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