Using YouTube: Uploading, editing and sharing

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Why upload to YouTube?

YouTube is the biggest platform public video hosting and distribution. This is a good way to share with either a select group or broadcast videos on anything from tutorial videos to music videos with a large audience for free. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

Printable Guide: Uploading, Editing and Sharing Media in YouTube [PDF]

How to upload to YouTube
  • Go to the YouTube homepage.
  • Find and select upload in the top right-hand corner.
  • Select files to upload from the computer or drag and drop files – At this point you can choose whether the file is public, unlisted or private.
  • Once the video has been selected, you can:
    1. Change the name of the video.
    2. Add a description.
    3. Add tags which help search for the video.
    4. Privacy settings can also be altered at this stage.
    5. Add to a playlist or create a new one.
    6. Select a thumbnail.
    7. Add translation.
    8. Look at advanced settings.

Editing Videos

  • Click ‘Video Manager’.
    1. Click ‘Edit‘ next to the newly uploaded video and then select enhancements from the menu at the top of the preview screen – Here you can make adjustments to the video, e.g. trim, rotate, brightness etc. or use ‘auto-fix’. Blurring effects and filters can also be added under their respective tabs.
    2. Under the audio tab in the top menu, it will tell you if a soundtrack may mean your video has to have ads or alternatively you can add ad-free music.
    3. If you select the annotation tab from the top menu then different types of annotation can be added at specified points.
    4. Cards can be added to promote videos, playlists, channels or link to polls and other websites.

Adding annotations

Why add annotations?

Adding annotations can add more information, as well as making your video more interactive and engaging.


How to add annotations
  • Go to ‘Video Manager’.
  • By the video you wish to add titles/text to click on the ‘Edit‘ button.
  • Select ‘Annotations‘ from the top bar.
  • Find ‘Add annotation‘ on the right-hand side and select the type of annotation you wish to insert.

Adding a title card

Why add cards to your videos?

Cards allow you to link to other sites, videos etc. and help promote the site or video. Currently 6 types of card exist Merchandise, Fundraising, Video, Playlist, Associated Website and Fan Funding.


How to add cards
  • Go to ‘Video Manager’.
  • By the video you wish to add a title card to click on the ‘Edit‘ button.
  • Select ‘Cards‘ from the top bar.
  • Find ‘Add card‘ on the right-hand side and select the type of card you wish to insert.

Creating Playlists

Why create playlists on YouTube?

Creating playlists are useful as they allow you to collate similar subject content in a group. You can make a playlists from your own videos or other users’ and then share these playlists with others.


How to create playlist within YouTube

Sharing content

  • In the ‘Video Manager’ select and click on the video you wish to share.
  • Select the share option from bellow the video.
  • You will now be able to automatically share the video through various social media outlets etc., copy and paste the website URL, get the embedding code to insert it into a HTML format or email it.

Find further information on how to effectively edit YouTube videos here.