Collaborate Club: New online lunchtime workshops

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When it comes to staff training and development, time is one of the biggest barriers for staff attending scheduled sessions, this coupled with finding suitable rooms to set the sessions in and the time needed to develop the material (usually for low attendance numbers) can make the whole process seem like a futile exercise.

But we believe in the value of offering such training to staff not just to impart information to them but as a great opportunity to develop those all-important professional relationships

To help provide a more flexible portfolio of training opportunities for the faculty staff, the Teaching Innovation Support Team will hold a monthly lunchtime training session on a topic relevant to that point in the teaching calendar.

The format will be a 30-40 min online interactive presentation followed by 10-15 minutes of questions. All this will be delivered through Blackboard Collaborate allowing staff to attend from the comfort of their desk… or a café!

The sessions will run from 12:30 to 13:30 on the day advertised. If you are unable to make that day please contact [entre faculty contact] as identical sessions will be running on other days that week for the faculties of Environment, Engineering, MaPS [delete as required].


Autumn Term dates (2018)

  • Getting your module ready – 7 steps to a module going live (Sept 11th ENV, 12th MaPS, 13th ENG)
  • Creating Turnitin and Blackboard assignments – settings (Oct 9th ENG, 10th MaPS, 11th ENG)
  • Using rubrics to mark online (Nov 13th ENV, 14th MaPS, 15th ENG)
  • MCQ tests OR Classroom Response Systems TBC (Dec 11th ENV, 12th MaPS, 13th ENG)
  • 2019 sessions to follow


For more infomation please contact us at

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