Changes to storage of Lecture Capture system content


IT services have released information regarding changes to the Lecture Capture, see the details below.

Forthcoming changes to storage of Lecture Capture system content.

Since its launch in 2014, the Lecture Capture system has experienced continual growth in the amount of content recorded and watched. We now hold around 240TB of recordings which is the equivalent of almost 121 thousand hours of content.

We are now planning for the next few years and are looking to bring in some changes to the management of recorded content. This will ensure that we continue to be able to provide a service to meet future demands.

We have recently added additional storage capacity to the system, but are also looking to encourage content owners to review older content and decide whether they still need that to be available on the system. The approach being taken is in two separate strands. The first looking at the rollout of quotas for staff and PGRS and the second is to look at the retention of content from scheduled recordings.

Storage quotas for Staff and Post Graduates Researchers (PGRs)

We will be introducing storage quotas for non-scheduled recording content (i.e. Ad hoc recordings, Desktop Captures and Media Uploads).  This change will allow us to manage the storage capacity of this content in Mediasite (the Lecture Capture and Media Management System) for staff and PGR users. Whilst we do not want to discourage users from recording content, we do need to ensure that the system is managed in an efficient and effective way. We have looked at the current staff usage and plan to allocate a storage quota that will fit with most users’ needs. Whilst this change is behind the scenes and not visible to users, it may require some users to take action.

What does the implementation of quotas mean for staff and PGR users?

Staff and PGR users will be given a default amount of 10GB storage space for storing their content. This applies to Ad-hoc recordings, Media Uploads and Desktop Recordings. This does not apply to scheduled recordings such as timetabled recordings of lectures, which are stored outside of a users’ storage quota.

Whilst most users will be accommodated by the default quota allowance of 10GB, there will be some who will need an elevated quota at launch. These will be granted on a limited basis automatically, based on their current storage use.

In some cases where users have far exceeded their proposed quota at launch, they will be contacted separately in advance of this change taking place.

Once applied, users will not notice any immediate difference as they will be below their allocated quota. Should a user exceed their allocated storage quota, they would not be able to create any more personal content until they have exported or deleted some existing content.  They will still be able to carry out scheduled recordings.

For more information about managing your content and to see some of the changes you can expect to see, please visit our IT support pages on quota management:

If you want to download or export a recording you have created, the following page explains the step-by-step process:

For details on how to delete your content, please refer to:


Users may find the following link on content storage reports useful if they wish to delete content on mass as needed.

Management of scheduled recordings

Scheduled recordings of content related to modules will be kept available on the system for 3 years (TSEB/15-44). At the end of academic year after that period (following the completion of exams and resits) the content will be deleted (i.e. recordings will be available to students for a total of 4 years).

Taking this approach allows teaching staff and students to be able to use the system to the best effect, whilst ensuring that the best use is made of the storage on the system.

The deletion of scheduled recordings will commence from September 2018, for content created in the 2014/15 academic session.  At present, due to system limitations, this process is manual and will therefore not generate individual messages to users.  Further communication will be issued to all users before the deletion of scheduled recording content commences.  To aid the process, users are requested to review scheduled recording (i.e. recorded lectures) from 2014/15 now and consider copying any that are still required to their personal storage area.   See the following IT support page for instructions:


If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk.




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