SpatialOS – Simulating complex real world environments

SpartialOS logoFor anyone interested in games and simulations, especially dealing with potentially massive amounts of data a system called SpatialOS by the software developer Improbable

SpatialOS is a distributed computing platform for building large virtual worlds for gaming & for taking on complex real-world problems. These worlds can be run in real time, simulating the behaviours and interactions of millions of entities. SpatialOS works with existing games engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine in effect separating the simulation of massive complex worlds including entity integration and persistence from the visual world that you see.

Screenshot of gomputer generated date displayed as coloured 3D blocks

So whether you are modelling a whole city, a new transport network or even an ecosystem SpatialOS might be worth looking at further.

SpatialOS: Populating 3D Worlds (80Level blog post)

As always if this topic or any other interests you and you wish to discuss things further don’t hesitate to contact me


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