AtoZ of TEL: QR Codes

QR Code for the DigiFoE blogAvailability: QR codes can be recognised and read by most mobile devices with a camera.


What is it?

A QR code (or Quick Response code) is a 2D barcodes, (similar to normal barcodes) but are able to hold a lot more data and are able to link to various other things, such as photos, videos, websites etc. Any mobile device with a camera can be used as a QR code scanner simply by downloading a QR code app. The graphic below (created by David Hopkins) demonstrates how QR codes work:

Diagram shoing how QR codes work. A code scanned by a mobile device with and app and a website then being shown.


Uses in Teaching and Learning

QR codes are popular for marketing campaigns and at conferences – names badges often have QR codes with delegate details (name, institution, email address etc). These details can be stored on the device.

QR codes could be used to promote specific services or courses. They could be used as part of a treasure hunt or some other such activity. QR codes could be placed on equipment (e.g in a lab) or on a map or diagram that when scanned a video, website or some other online multimedia resource could be activated providing additional instruction for example on safe use of equipment.

 Online QR Code Generators

Mobile Apps

Other useful links


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