AtoZ of TEL: Pinterest

pinterest logo


Cost: Free

Availability: Accessed via a web browser, as well as being available from the Apple Store and Google Play.

What is it and how does it work?

Pinterest is a site where photos, videos etc. – ‘pins’, can be uploaded saved and sorted to ‘pinboards’. Pins often link to other sites/pages, which often have a ‘Pin it’ button embedded in the page which allows you to upload directly to a pinboard. Separate pinboards can have different themes and so you can either follow a particular pinboard that interests you, or follow someone’s account and view all their pins on your ‘pin feed’.


Uses in Teaching and Learning

Pinterest is one of the many new online services which focus on the curation of content primarily found online or from mobile devices. With that the ability to easily present this content in a visually appealing way and easily share with others.

Pinterest’s simplicity also makes it a versatile tool not only for your own research or personal development but for teaching and learning .  Whether providing students with a reading list of online articles/blogs or a student activity to collate research on a topic to share or present with others the use of tools such as Pinterest help enhance a range of digital literacies in an educational setting.


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