AtoZ of TEL: Twitter


Cost: FreeTwitter logo blue

Availability: Online through web interface and mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows).


What is it?

Twitter is a social media micro-bogging service which allows users to post 140 character ‘tweets’ to their followers, however tweets can be seen by anyone depending on their privacy.

Twitter is a simple tool that can enable complex communication.

How does it work?

Tweets will appear on  your followers’ feed, where they can be liked or retweeted and shared amongst the retweeters followers and so on. You are able to search for specific tweets by using keywords or hashtags. The most popular, ‘trending’ topics at a certain time are those which have been mentioned the most in tweets.

Video on How to Use Twitter

 Most commonly used Twitter terms

@mention – Place the @ symbol in front of a username, you can tag another user in your Tweet.
@reply – Start your Tweet with @username to reply publicly to a single user.
Direct message (DM) – A private message can be sent directly to a user on Twitter who is already following you.
Follower – Someone who follows you. They will see your updates on their home feed (Your home timeline displays the streams of  accounts you have chosen to follow).
Retweet (RT) – A way to share a Tweet from another user’s account.
Hashtag (#) – Use the # symbol in front of any word or phrase turns it into a tag. When someone clicks that hashtag, she sees your Tweet along with everyone else’s Tweets using that same term.

What are the implications for Teaching, Learning and Assessment?

Images, website links, videos etc. can be added to tweets, so twitter can be used as a platform to share information. Twitter can also be used to answer questions students may have and these questions and responses can be viewed by other people too, so academics won’t have to reply several times to a question that may be asked often.

There have been a number of creative uses of Twitter these have included storytelling taking on the persona of a character and tweeting your actions to tell a tale.

Remember the fifth of November – gunpowder, tweeting and blogs (The Guardian)

Useful Links

34 Interesting Ways to use Twitter in the Classroom

Ten Days of Twitter (#10DoT)

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