AtoZ of TEL: Movie Maker

Cost: Freemovie maker


Availability: Windows desktop app part of the Windows Essentials download.

  • Install on a Faculty machine via the Software Centre desktop application.
  • Install on a home computer by downloading it from the Microsoft support website.


What is it?

Movie Maker is a free windows desktop app with features that allow for basic video editing. Movie maker can accept different types of video format and can also be saved as either an mp4 or wmv.

How does it work?

Movie Maker has various features for video editing which are free and easy to use. Given tools will be fully adequate for basic/beginner editing. For further details on using Windows Movie Maker see our ‘How To’ guides on using Audio and Video (link below).

Using Audio and Video.

What are the implications for teaching, learning and assessment?

Movie Maker can be used to edit videos captured outside of the universities lecture capture system (interviews, events, field trips etc) and prepare them for upload to MediaSite for use in your teaching via platforms such as the VLE. Movie Maker is also an easy entry level editor for students needing to create such content for their own learning.

With Movie Maker it is easy to upload (or record on the fly) an audio narration and put this to a sequence of still images (photos, exported jpg of a powerpoint slide, screenshot of an application or website etc). This can be quickly exported and shared as a learning resource, assignment submission or pre-recoded webinar content.

Useful Links


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