AtoZ of TEL: Mendeley


Website: www.mendeley.commendeley logo

Cost: Free

Availability: Online through web interface, as a desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs, as well as being available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android.


What is it?

Mendeley is a reference manager, which allows you to manage and share research papers and other articles. This program also enables you to annotate PDFs and acts as a social network for researchers (think for research). Mendeley will recommend other individuals who are publishing in similar fields.

How does it work?

With Mendeley you are able to import papers or search for them in-app, then store and organise them in your library. You can add comments, highlight’s and notes to any documents/papers that you have uploaded and Mendeley will also automatically create citations from these documents that you can then use in your own work.

What are the implications for Teaching, Learning and Assessment?

Mendeley is a useful tool for referencing and inserting citations, it takes the stress out of the tedious job of referencing your work. The strong social/community aspect of Mendeley makes for a great networking opportunity with others in your particular areas of interest.

Alternative Applications

Useful Links


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