AtoZ of TEL: Google Keep

google keep logo


Cost: Free

Availability: Available as a web application, a mobile app for iOS and Android and as a chrome extension.

What is it?

Google Keep is an application to take and store notes. Google Keep uses advanced technology to take and record notes in different formats, which can then be viewed across devices (desktop and mobile apps). Although, this app is not limited to making notes, Google Keep also allows you to make reminders, make checklists, add images etc.

How does it work?

Notes can be added from numerous devices through various methods. For example Google Keep utilises optical character recognition technology to extract text from images, you can also use your microphone to add notes or simply type in new notes. Find further guidance on Google Keep here.


What are the implications for teaching, learning and assessment?

Google Keep can be used to take notes in lectures, seminar’s and meetings and you can be assured that the notes are stored in a safe place, as well as being arranged appropriately. Google Keep works well with other Google products and services.

Google Keep is the simplest of the note taking applications featured. Though it lacks may of the features found in services such as OneNote or EverNote. For some the simplicity could easily be seen as a strength.

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