AtoZ of TEL: RefMe

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Cost: Free

Upgrades: RefMe Plus (£24.99/year) available which gives you RefMe for Word, the ability to upload quotes through photos and folders to manage your references.

Availability: Accessed via a web browser, as a Google Chrome extension and as a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

What is it?

RefMe is a tool which allows you to directly cite several types of sources; like books, PDFs, papers etc. and produce citations in various styles. Citations can be exported into documents via bibliography apps RefMe is compatible with, such as EverNote, EndNote, etc.

1. Collect research
Gather your research material on the web, at home or in the library. Sources are stored in the cloud & accessible from anywhere through your RefME account

2. Manage references
Create references in your style – RefME supports 7,500+ reference styles. Organise and manage references on your phone, tablet or desktop & share projects with your team

3. Write smarter
Automate & speed up the referencing process. Cite as you write using RefME for Word, or download your completed bibliography into Word, Evernote, EndNote etc

How does it work?

How to use RefMe


What are the implications for teaching, learning and assessment?

RefME is a useful tool for referencing and inserting citations, as well as managing and storing sources. The browser plugin and mobile apps make the tedious task of referencing work much easier.


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