AtoZ of TEL: Google+

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Cost: Free

Availability: Accessed via a web browser.

What is it?

Google+ (G+) is a social media site owned by Google inc. Google+ has a strong emphasis on the control of your content to specific groups of people who follow. This control is achieved through a system called ‘Circles’. You can create a new circle e.g. My Reading Club, you add the individuals you wish to that circle and then any post you make in Goggle+ you can elect which Circles (if any) that it gets released too.

Under the Google+ banner there are a number of useful tools/services these include Google+ Communities and Google Hangouts a communications tool with both text and video chat.

Note: Anyone with a Goggle account automatically gets  G+ as part of that.

How does it work?

A Parent’s Guide to Google+ (Website)

What are the implications for teaching, learning and assessment?

Google Communities

Over the past few years since Google launched Google+ it has gone from strength to strength especially in the education sector, in no small part due to many educational institutions choosing to sign up for Google Apps for Education as their email (and collaborative tools) provider.
There is now a bewildering array of G+ communities covering every possibly conceivable educational need. This with the power to control the membership of these communities and the distribution of individual content through Google circles.

Google Hangouts

The other part of Google+ that has become an increasingly useful tool in education is Google Hangouts which offers a similar set of features (text and video) as Skype just within the Googlesphere. Video Hangouts are used for seminars, tutorials, interview’s and meetings both domestic and international.

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