AtoZ of TEL: Flickr



Cost: Free – Upto 1000 GB of storage

Availability: Accessed via a web browser and mobile apps for Windows, iOS and Android.

What is it?

Flickr is a photo and video hosting website which allows you to share (either with a private group or public) and explore media which can be viewed on any device. It is often also used as a tool to embed files into posts and social media sites.


How does it work?

Flickr allows you to upload photos and video from your devices (e.g. computer, mobile phones etc.) to store and share your files both within the various Flickr communities (groups) and with other social media services.

Flickr has developed a feature called “Interestingness”, this ranks your photos (using an algorithm) by measuring views, comments, favorites and the speed by which these are amassed. A daily collection of the photos with the highest “Interestingness” are featured on the Explore pages. Explore is a good place to browse for photo ideas and inspiration.

Flickr offers a way to easily share photos stored there on other social media platforms. There is even an optional Creative Commons filter in the search which will return only images that have been uploaded under a creative commons license which usually means they can be used for educational purposes (check the specific creative commons license for any image ou wish to use) 


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