AtoZ of TEL: Prezi

Website: prezi.comprezi logo

Cost: Free for students and educational purposes

Upgrades: Edu Enjoy is free, but Edu Pro and Teams require fees to be paid.

prezi upgrade options

Availability: Online through web interface and mobile app.


What is it?

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation tool, which is an alternative to traditional presentation methods and aims to produce more engaging presentations.

How does it work?

Video on How to Use Prezi

What are the implications for Teaching, Learning and Assessment?

Prezi makes for an interesting alternative to Powerpoint that allows you to move away from traditional slide-based format seen in other presentation software. Prezi allows you to create more exciting and engaging presentations, though it is worth noting that a little goes a long way and a presentation can easily induce motion sickness  in viewers if too much movement in used (especially twists and spins).

Being an online service the presentation can be run from anywhere with an internet connection as well as being able to be embedded into web pages like you would a YouTube video.

 Alternatives to SlideShare

Other Useful links


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