A message from Central VLE – NEW: Turnitin Feedback Studio

The central VLE team have passed on details previewing the new Turnitin GradeMark interface called Turnitin Feedback studio. There are no indications when this new interface will be implemented but they are looking for feedback on what you think about it.

Feedback Studio is a re-work of the old Turnitin interface, into a much cleaner and responsive design, although new feature releases are limited at the moment. You can try the new Feedback Studio for yourself here: Try out Feedback Studio. Please be aware that not all the features are in this demo but it will still give you a good guide as to how it will work.

Finally, the main new feature is an indicator of who has left comments on a student’s paper. This will appear as the users’ initials at the beginning of the comment: (Where in this example CC represents the initials of the tutor).

screenshot of a quickmark displaying the markers initials.

Some concerns have already been raised that students will be able to identify the marker(s) on their paper by these initials, and that it would be preferred to remain anonymous. Can you please discuss this with your Faculties/Schools and let us know what your thoughts are on this?


Please pass any issues or comments that you would like passed back to Turnitin to either myself or Chris Slack in the central VLE team at help@vles.leeds.ac.uk


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