New Resourse: List of Online courses in Blended Learning

Image of a wall of books with an open door in. text saying Free, online courses Blended learning

In my previous role I set out to curate together all the free online courses I could find on Blended Learning and e-Learning. That was a year ago now, I was able to collect together about a half dozen courses which surprised me, I didn’t expect to find as many as that.

Well I’ve just repeated the exercise and what a difference a year has made. MOOC providers such as FutureLearn and Coursera each have more than that and new providers such as Canvas also offer multiple courses. To these add together the Open University, Stanford Online and the Lendon Deanery and the number is in excess of 20, and that’s knowing I’ve forgotten a few from the original list.

At present I just have two categories ‘Blended Learning’ (which also covers Distance, Virtual and e-Learning) and ‘Online Studying and Learning’ but I’m considering adding a few move as there were plenty of courses in complementary topics such as Film & Video production, developing Mobile Games, Research Skills and Critical Thinking just to mention a few.

Blended Learning courses

Studying and Learning Online courses

If I have missed any courses off of this list do let me know (need to be free to participate) and I will look a adding them (


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