AtoZ of TEL: Socrative

Square socrative logo. White on blue backgroundWebsite:

Cost: Free (Premium plans available)

Availability: Online via web interface and an iOS, Android and Windows mobile app. No registration required for students.


What is it?

Socrative is a mobile and web-based student response system with a range of question types that can be pre created or delivered ad-hoc. The mobile version comes in two separate apps Socrative Teacher and Socrative Student.

Both Socrative mobile app logos (Teacher and Student)

Note: The free account is limited to 50 students and does not embed into PowerPoint.

How does it work?

Either through the web interface or you mobile Socrative Teacher app an educator can create and administer a range of quiz types for short assessments. To give access to a quiz the teacher creates a room which has it’s own unique name, add a quiz to that room. Then when ready release it to the students.

Students either start the Socrative Student app on their device or navigate to the Socrative website and click the ‘Student Login’ button (no personal credentials needed). When prompted they enter the Room name in the text box and click the ‘Join Room’ button. If the quiz hasn’t already been released by the educator they will be presented with a welcome message asking them to wait for the quiz to start. This will remain till the educator begins the quiz through their interface.



Socrative has some reporting tools the best part is that the results can be downloaded as a CSV file and brought into applications such as Excel for further analysis

Socrative User Guide (pdf)

What are the implications for teaching, learning and assessment?

Socrative is a quick and easy way to deliver formative quizzes and polls to students in an interactive an engaging way. This need not be restricted to the classroom. As long as there is a mobile/Wi-Fi signal the quiz could be delivered anywhere e.g. as part of a visit or field trip.

An engaging and interactive alternative to paper-based and pop quiz scenarios.

A Complete Guide for Teachers on How to Use Socrative (html)

10 Ways of using Socrative (html)

13 Ways to Use Socrative as a Formative Assessment (html)

Socrative Links

Apple App Store – Socrative Teacher, Socrative Student

Android Play Store – Socrative Teacher, Socrative Student

Windows App Store

Alternative applications.





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