AtoZ of TEL: ThingLink

ThingLink logoWebsite:
Cost: Free version along with a range of paid for business and educational packages
Availability: Web service and both iOS and Android apps.


What is it?

Thinglink allows you to create, share and embed interactive images. You can overlay additional media content such as text, images and video which pops up for the viewer as they roll their curser over a target hot spot. This allows for a wide range of resources to be drawn together into one interactive visual medium.



How does it work?

You begin by choosing an image that can be uploaded from your device (computer, web, phone camera etc.). Then simply tap/click where you want each interactive point/hot spot to be, then choose the type of content that you wish e.g. text, image, web link, YouTube video etc.

Once your interactive image has been created you can choose your sharing preferences such as email, Twitter, Facebook, embed code for a web page (there are some differences with the share options between the mobile and browser versions).



What are the implications for Teaching, Learning and Assessment?

ThingLink is a great way to present a lot of information in a creative and engaging way. It adds a level of interactivity to a web page or post far beyond what is usually found natively in these services.

ThingLink also has a strong social element built in with the ability to ‘Follow’ others and ‘Touch’ (their equivalent to a ‘Like’) other posts. ‘ThingLink for Education’ (use your email address) includes ‘Channels’ which allow Teachers to add students groups and albums to organise your images into.

As well as creating your own ThingLink resources for your students a great learning activity could be to set a task using ThingLink for the student s to develop their own ThingLink resource that then can be shared.


Useful links:

Interactive visual learning with ThingLink (HTML)

ThingLink For Teachers (YouTube)

Thinglink iPad App (YouTube)



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