AtoZ of TEL: Nearpod


Cost: Free (premium and institutional packages)

Availability: Web interface and mobile app (iOS, Android)

What is it?

Nearpod is a web and mobile application (iOS, Android) that allows Tutors to create interactive sessions and integrate quizzes and activities into the presentation and push this out to students via the Nearpod app on their mobile devices. Tutors can monitor and measure students’ responses to interactions such as quizzes and polls that are part of the resource. It’s an ideal tool for stimulating participation in lectures and seminars.

How does it work?

Tutors can create Nearpod presentations either from templates or through uploading teaching material such as PowerPoints. The Tutor can add video, display slideshows, share webpages and create quizzes and polls to teaching resources created in Nearpod.


Tutors can run the sessions in real-time during face-to-face sessions or release the content to students to access in their own time (refers to as ‘Homework‘). Nearpod provides the ability to monitor and collate students’ responses to the built-in interactions.

What are the implications for teaching, learning and assessment?

Evidence suggests that students are mentally active for only a short time during a lecture. Using applications such as NearPod (QR Codes, Classroom Response Systems, Augmented Reality etc) incorporates active learning and engagement to enhance the effectiveness of the lecture and the students learning experience.

Other Links

Alternative applications.


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