AtoZ of TEL: Padlet


Cost: Free (Premium plans for Education, Business and Individuals)

Availability: Online via web interface with no registration required for participants. A Chrome and Firefox browser plugin and an iOS mobile app.

What is it?

Padlet is a virtual wall that allows multiple people to collaboratively place and move around content such as images, videos, documents, text and web pages from any device with web access and a browser.

How does it work?


As with many online services you can sign-up and creat a Padlet account this is no required. By clicking on the ‘Create a padlet’ button on the home page you jump straight into a new Padlet board and start your session from there.

Once into a board to add content you simply double click onto the board and a new padlet card will appear for you to enter or link whatever you wish, you can then move the card around the board to group cards as you wish.

There are a wide range of customisation options available even with the free sevice which can theme a board and make it visually more appealing for users. In addition to this Padlet has a range of privacy and sharing options which allow you to make sure only those that you wish to be able to access the Padlet wall.

How to use Padlet: a fantastic tool for teaching

What are the implications for teaching, learning and assessment?

Padlet is a versatile, easy to use tool which can add an engaging way of including a collaborative element to your teaching that works equally as well for face to face and virtual settings.

It is worth taking a little time to think how and when you will introduce Padlet into you session and simple considerations such as changing the walls link (URL) name to something a little more human friendly goes a long way to facilitating a smooth session.

Another recommendation would be to outline you expectations for behaviour and engagement so that student don’t just see this as a gimmick.

Some suggestions for how Padlet can be used in class. Brainstorming, Event planning, collect feedback, wish lists, bookmark favourite sites, noticeboard, comments, recommendations.

Mrs. Treichler’s Wikispace – Padlet

Five Ways to Use Padlet in the Classroom

Even with the free service there are a wide range of backgrounds, graphics, sharing and privacy settings to make this simple and powerful tool a great addition to your teaching space whether face to face or virtual

Padlet Links

Alternative applications.

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