Miami Device 2015 (event)

Miami Device event 2015 photo pf presenters

Last month saw the 2015 Miami Device conference. This is a US EdTech event focusing on innovative use of technology in teaching and learning. In their own words…


Miami Device is about learning. Its goal is for more students to be authentically engaged as a result of passionate, well-trained educators who want to be masters of their craft. These teachers are willing to explore and embrace best practices for today and tomorrow and understand the importance of student-centered learning. Project/Problem/Challenge Based Learning, 21st Century Skills, Classroom Flipping, and Game Based Learning, with the support of Mobile Devices, is the “curriculum” of Miami Device.


The presentations at this year’s event covered a wide range of topics including creating and using Infographics, photo and video on mobile device, using technology in differentiated instruction, digital innovation, digital literacies and learner engagement to mention a few.

The resources for 25 of the presentations have been posted and can be accessed from the link bellow.

Resources from 25 Presentations at Miami Device 2015

If any of the topics presented at the conference are of interest and you would like to discuss them further please contact me


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