Digital Dates 2015-2016

The digital dates diagram. Academic Excellence in the center surrounded with Community, Integrity, Professionalism and Inclusiveness.Living, learning and working in a digital society requires us all to develop digital expertise.  Digital Dates is a programme of short, informal workshops for both staff and students across the University co-ordinated by SDDU and Skills@Library to help us to develop digital skills to support all aspects of our lives at the University.

The sessions will be led by staff and students from across the University who will share their experience and welcome others to share theirs.

Join us for 30 minutes to find out something new and take away resources for you to try for yourselves.


Session 1: Giving Students a Global Experience without Leaving the Classroom

Monday 7 December 2015

Aim: This session will cover the idea of a ‘Global Classroom’ which can be a great way to enhance your classroom and engage your students in ways that open the world to them.  They can be as resource intensive as you want them to be, however, this session will go over an example in the Business School which involves a short, 5-week project/intervention using little time of the educator and a shoe-string budget.

Session 2: Introducing Endnote: An easier way to manage your references

Monday 18 January 2016

Have you ever spent hours toiling over your reference lists or wasted time trying to locate those sources that you’re sure you saved in that folder… or was it on your memory stick? If the answer is “yes”, why not come along to this Digital Date and find out more about using EndNote to manage your references and create in-text citations and reference lists in your Word documents.

Session 3: Lecture Capture and Media Management: Create Digital Content with Personal Capture

Monday 07 March 2016

Personal Capture offers staff and students the opportunity to create digital content easily and quickly from a PC, laptop or mobile device as part of the Lecture Capture and Media Management service. All staff and students have access to the Mediasite Desktop Recorder which is the software used to create personal captures.   This demonstration of Personal Capture aims to introduce academic staff and students to the concept and benefits of Personal Capture.

Session 4: Using Video Game-Style Virtual Worlds in Teaching

Wednesday 04 May 2016

The sun is shining, fluffy white clouds are sailing across the sky.  The birds are singing and the sheep are grazing.  The sea is sparkling in the sun and the seagulls are bouncing off the beach (oh!).  Do look out for the RAF, though, and don’t tread on the dead sheep!

Come and join us in our virtual field area and see how we have provided an environment where students can learn essential field skills preparatory to heading out into the wild.


Digital Dates home page (new workshops continually added).




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