AtoZ of TEL: SmallPDF

Acrobat PDF logoWebsite:

Cost: Free (Donations).

Availability: Online through web interface.



What is it?

Small pdf is a web service which enable you to convert a whole range of file types into PDF documents and vice versa. But by far the most useful feature is a Compress PDF feature which can reduce the size of PDF documents by a considerable amount.

How does it work?

With a very simple interface you simple drag and drop (or browse and choose) the file you wish to compress (or convert) onto the screen and let SmallPDF do all the work.

Implications for teaching, learning and assessment?

Although this is going to be useful to anyone wanting to compress a pdf document, the greatest use for this service in education is going to be for students wanting to reduce the size of assignments prior to electronic submission. With file size limits of submissions this could be the difference between a successful submission and a late submission


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